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Here is a blog piece on the current state of the Atlanta Police Department. It is a great overview and detailing of the current situation and calls for some harsh but potentially valid responses. Granted, I have only lived here for a month, but the stories that I am continually finding on this department are astounding. Just to give you a taste: in the last 5 or 6 years a 92 year old woman was shot in her own home; a gay leather bar, The Eagle, was raided with the patrons thrown to the floor and their civil rights denied; some 85 officers are not certified and yet continue to make arrests; in Midtown a non profit patrol group now answers 911 calls instead of APD; 911 calls are going unanswered; the police cavity searched men in public for driving violations; and they intimate citizens to stop them from recording Police actions, which following a court decision is protected under the law. It has been two years since the Eagle raided and nothing has truly happened. This is not even touching the numerous lawsuits that are costing major tax payer dollars.

So ya…Atlanta is an amazing city, I love it here, but this is why I am getting involved in activist groups like the Queer Justice League. I want to do something to help my community and my new city.

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